Brands of Silver Bars

We have listed here the top minters brand:

Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) RCM-100ozBarThe Royal Canadian Mint is the official mint of Canada, and produces silver bullion bars to compliment their Silver, Gold and Platinum Maple Leaf coins. RCM most commonly produces pressed 100 oz silver bars, which are quite popular in the market.


 Johnson Matthey

JM100ozBarJohnson Matthey is a top name in silver bullion, and has been involved in the precious metals industry for nearly 200 years. The company primarily produces 100oz bars, but also 1 oz bars which found many favorable buyers on the physical market.

NTR Metals

NTR100ozBarNTR Metals is headquartered in Texas and has various locations across the United States and worldwide. It is currently one of the major players in the domestic bullion industry. NTR produces several sizes of silver bars, including 10 oz, 1 kg, and 100 oz weights, and also offers recycled silver and special bars like the 2013 Year of the Dragon bar.



EngelHard100ozBarEngelhard is another highly respected name in the precious metals world. They have not produced a single bullion since the mid-80’s. There are so many types and forms of Engelhard bars out there… Even so they still do trade well above the spot price of silver !


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