Invest in silver

For more than 4000 years, silver has been seen as a form of money and store of value. Like most precious metals, the price of silver is driven by supply and demand. Compared to gold, the silver price is notoriously volatile. The main sign about why investing in Silver is a good thing to do, is the ratio between Silver and Gold. It is actually way under it’s normal value, which in other terms means Silver prices will go up !

On these pages you will find various links to Silver Minting companies and online retailers:

Canadian Silver Retailers list
American Silver Retailers list
France Silver Retailers list (Coming up)


Other silver ressources:

Here are great visuals about Silver from Visual Capitalist:
– The silver series History of Silver – Part 1
– The silver series Supply and Demand – Part 2
– The silver series Investment – Part 3
– The silver series The many phases – Part 4
– The Silver Series The Many Phases of Silver – Part 1
– The Silver Series Who Controls The World’s Supply? – Part 2

 Gold and Silver Dealer Hedging
How to Test for Fake Gold and Silver?
Silver: The Undercover Super Metal

Have fun !

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